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Do you want a platform for co-curricular activities or help your students in preparing for Olympiads or board exams or want to make the examination process hassle-free?

We have the solution for you: eExamguru – a cloud-based examination platform

How eexamguru can serve to your school

eExamguru is a comprehensive exam creation tool which provides a facility of conducting any type of co-curricular or regular examination on a web based platform.


  • Dynamic Test format creation
  • One Click test generation
  • Bulk upload for students, questions and courses via excel and csv
  • Real-time result generation
  • Analytical reports of each student for every exam.
  • Comparison and rank wise reports
  • Open for customization

In this fast forward generation,eExamguru is a new Avtar or approach of the examination process.

eExamguru, a booster for your teacher’s productivity

1. Dynamic test pattern

  • A teacher can set up examination format or pattern by defining how many questions of which topic, the subject needs to be added to the test paper.
  • It is also possible to define each question’s complexity like easy, medium and complex and based on that the appropriate question marks.
  • Test pattern automatically picks questions from question database and publish a test for students within seconds. Which cuts down huge time needed for test creation.

2. Select question by your own:

eExamguru provides a nice interacting visual page of questions to the teacher where they can select question as per their requirement and put in a test.

3. Upload question file and test creation:

A teacher can directly upload an excel or CSV file of questions which will be converted to test within seconds. It cuts down the process of choosing questions from the database.

4. Real-time result generation:

Students will get their result in real time which cuts down a huge time of answer sheet checking.

eExamguru, a booster for student’s performance

Preparation partner:

Are your students preparing for Olympiads or any other competitive exam or you want to conduct faster practice sessions to help them in Board exams? You can always rely on eExamguru.

Performance Analyzer:

Students get analytical reports of their performance, Reports of their accuracy, average, mistakes they have done, how much they have improved with the time, which topic they need more improvement or focus. Also, comparison reports with top 10 leaders of that exam.

Our subscription packages

  • 500 Test Papers/month
  • 100 students
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Bulk upload available for questions

  • 2000 Test Papers/month
  • 250 students
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Bulk upload available for questions and Courses
  • 5000 Test Papers/month
  • 500 students
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Bulk upload available for questions and Courses
  • Unlimited Test Papers/month
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • Bulk upload available for questions, Course, students, teachers